Watching Swifts


Watching Swifts


Do you ever think

it possible,

or even likely that,


might be anything


enjoyable, in this

world of ours, than

the two of us ..

Just watching swifts,

as they duck

and dive and scythe

the sky

with their wings

and cut it into

bite size fragments

for us ..

While we lay here,

on our backs

with just fingertips

touching ..

Here, in this warm

beer scented,

pub garden, while


the last torn slice of

a king sized

Margarita pizza ..

Tho’ yet

still, with the promise

of later, for us

both to look forward to ..



  • Author: Neville (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 15th, 2024 01:51
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 48
  • User favorite of this poem: Alan R.
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  • Tom C Dylan

    Just brilliant, mate. You really paint the scene so well. I can almost see the birds, and taste the pizza. 🙂

    • Neville

      Now you're making me feel hungry too my good man .. Cheers tho' it is around teatime

    • orchidee

      Some seagulls attacked KP while we were out. I just laughed! lol.

      • Neville

        Keep pushing your luck and I'll set the dogs on ya .. now be warned

        • jarcher54

          Oh my... were they after pizza?

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        • Alan R

          Beauty and summer!!

          • Neville

            Yes indeed .. two of the very finest of ingredients .. thank you Alan

          • Teddy.15

            A wonderful poem dear Nev, reminds me of old times I've passed in my own life. 🌹 Beautiful.

            • Neville

              Thank you Teddy .. true as true 🌹

            • Goldfinch60

              True words Neville. I have actually touched a swift, they were nesting in the roof of a place I worked and two got jammed in the edge of the roof getting into their nest, I went up a ladder and freed them, a great honour.


              • Neville

                Funnily enough, so have I .. years ago when at school one clipped a window and got stuck on the sill .. for a species that hardly ever stop flying, they have very strong claws which I was very surprised about .. thanks for the visit and share .. Neville

              • Cassie58

                Everything to like about this. Back in the light. Finger tips touching, scented summer garden looking at the swifts. I very much like the contrast here. The movement of the swifts in a sky canvas, while they are grounded. You took me there and shared pizza. Fab imagery Neville.

                • Neville

                  You are spoiling me Cassie but I love it .. thank you my very dear friend .. Neville

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