It's the Little Things

Thomas W Case

In prison
when you have no
money, and you can't
buy commissary, and
the hours and the days drag by
like a tortoise searching
a garden.
It's the little things that
make the time bearable.
Someone gives you a package of
noodles or a cup of coffee,
or a bar of good soap.
Kindness in hell goes a long way.
It's the simple pleasures that
I took for granted
that I relish now:
Steaming hot water,
a bed with a real mattress,
and a library with thousands
of books to read.
I have writing paper,
ink pens, and reading glasses to
see with; it could be worse.

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  • Teddy.15

    It could always be worse, this is brilliant, shaking the crap out of bad times placing them where they should be right there in the appreciation of the little things. Superb. 🌹

  • Neville

    they size don't matter, don't they, but it is the little things that always seem to count the most

  • Alan R

    Kindness in hell goes a long way!! That's a brilliant thing to say

  • orchidee

    Good write T.

  • David Wakeling

    Some of us are in our own private prisons and yes we appreciated the little things.Great poem.

  • Goldfinch60

    It certainly could be worse Thomas.


  • 2781

    It's hard to appreciate freedom if you haven't experienced slavery.

    • Thomas W Case

      Yes, so very true. Thanks for commenting.

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