It's a mystery


It's a mystery why they want to erase history

too sensitive are we

How can you learn if you don't have a turn

past mistakes to see?


Shout! Ignoring a fire, won't put it out

A slur is only a word

Slavery or holocaust no idea what we've lost

pretending it didn't exist, is absurd


Protecting the weak, a disservice we seek

called political correctness

Evolution does tell, it's the strong that excel

better to speak with directness

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  • Teddy.15

    Absolutely brilliant dear sorrenbarret the thing i notice in my lifetime is that it's all happening once again, erasing is not an option at least for my generation who were actually taught at school and indeed your own generation who's own parents lived through so much of it in real-time. What a wonderful subject, I'm a fan of politeness but not erasing the facts of all these atrocities you have mentioned because if it were erased it the victims wouldn't have any dignity nor a voice. 🌹

    • sorenbarrett

      Thanks my friend for the encouragement and most kind words. We live in a world that attempts to deal with sensitivity by hiding issues that need to be corrected not ignored. How can we do this without honestly addressing them?

      • Teddy.15

        Simply by telling the truth even when it is incredibly ugly a beautiful film comes to mind called La Vita è Bella A very famous Italian actor who won an Oscar trophy Roberto Benigni, an extraordinary film set during the Holocaust. 🌹

      • Doggerel Dave

        Agreed Soren – but I’ve banged on about history and not taking account of it for long enough, with little response which could indicate that I was understood beyond one or two individuals.
        I’d explore ‘political correctness’ and how this is a part of the problem, if you wish.
        Neat write though.

        • sorenbarrett

          Thanks Dave I know this more a rant than any expectation for change. Like a grain of sand on the beach these thoughts remain unnoticed but still there.

          • Doggerel Dave

            Got where you are coming from, i think and I'm with you on expectations of change.
            For me history is the method by which it is possible to determine why something happened at any particular moment and who (if any) was responsible.
            I just am not sure how political correctness enters the equation.

          • orchidee

            Good write SB.
            I could try to erase KP from my thoughts, but it never works. She's always there for the botox. Doh! lol

            • sorenbarrett

              Thanks Orchi appreciate the review and kind words of support as for KP don't erase just put her in the back room and try to ignore.

            • Goldfinch60

              Such true words soren, so much of my long life has been eroded by those in power to do things THEIR way.


              • sorenbarrett

                Thanks Andy I appreciate the encouragement and still feel rebellious in my old age.

              • 2781

                Woe to those..
                I won't go on...
                They even change definitions in the dictionary.

                • sorenbarrett

                  Thanks for the read and comment it is most appreciated.

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