Covid in 2020


Covid, oh covid where have you not been..

Roaming the whole world – a remedy unseen…


You went to the States

And claimed a lot of lives

People trembled in fear

Be it husbands or wives


The roads were now clear

The air was pretty clean

But humanity in their masses

Was nowhere to be seen


Industries were shut

The schools closed their gates

All the shops were closed

As men bemoaned their Fates


The daily wage workers

Were the ones hardest hit

As to their homes they trekked

Hungry and barely fit.


Around the world you spread

Asia, Europe, the States

People lost their parents

Their children, and their mates.


The world was at a standstill

Economies were down

None were found smiling

All wore just a frown


The kids were banned indoors

Time was hard to pass

As colleges and schools

Had all just shut their class.


Airlines were now shut down

Trains were barely seen

Buses were in depots

Autos rarely seen.


Prices were just rising

Demand was at a high

Supply was found wanting

People could only sigh.


But then amidst this hardship

People learnt to care

Many had stopped being selfish

Many had learnt to share.


Friendships grew and blossomed

Though meeting up was rare

The phones and laptops buzzed on

People started to care..


They reached out to their neighbours

They reached out to old mates

Masking up their sorrows

They stopped cursing their fates.


A new hope was born

That now replaced the fear

The people just adjusted

Their vision was now clear


So Covid you may come

But you will go too

We will live life

And stop the hate and strife.


China, the culprit

From where your virus came

Has earned very high censure

And has to bear the blame


All nations big and small

Now know of Wuhan city

And though the lives were lost

They did not earn much pity


For they have caught the world

Totally unprepared

And unleashed a tale of lies

And left the people scared..


[2020] – the year of the rat

Has lived up to its name

It’s hidden in the shadows

And finds all men fair game


Now we have learnt our lesson

That nations should play fair

And co-operate with each other

And learn to share and care


  • Author: safina (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 4th, 2024 01:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: Covid may have gone, but it has left behind its mark in many respects - let us learn from them
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  • Mutley Ravishes

    And the regular flu just seemed to disappear at that time. Perhaps it went on vacation, or ran away because it was scared of "covid"?

  • NafisaSB

    yes, but now the flu has come back with a vengeance, at least in our country - the anti-flu vaccines are in great demand as people prefer to be safe than sorry

    • Mutley Ravishes

      All one has to do is strengthen the immune system. How to do that ? Simple: nutrition, keeping the body warm, breathing exercises (Wim Hof Method etc), cold showers, and sunlight. It's all so simple. One doesn't have to be wealthy, young, skillfuI, or intellectual to do this. I don't get colds anymore. I don't get sick.

    • 2781

      Follow the money.

      • NafisaSB

        may have benefitted some, but think about the heartbreak it has spread worldwide

      • sorenbarrett

        Many facts are now leaking out about mismanagement, over reactions and under reactions, greed, ignorance, fear as a tool, cover ups, shifting blame, effects of vaccines, and man's attempt to alter nature. More to come out still.

        • NafisaSB

          yes, i agree. Greed and attempt to dominate and manipulate led to disastrous consequences, and many of us are now facing health issues that had not surfaced earlier. it's really sad

        • Cassie58

          An epic narrative here of the COVID story. It all seems along time ago now, but it certainly caused havoc. You have covered many aspects of the pandemic. Well done. So much suffering.

          • NafisaSB

            yes it caused havoc, but we are slowly and hopefully getting back to normal, thank God.
            have a good day

            • Cassie58

              And you too post. Have a good one

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