The Summer of β€˜49


a claustrophobic journey in 

a packed coach of day trippers 


finds sweethearts posed for a 

snapshot moment on Southend pier 


the heat of  a burnished summer sun 

not lost in Kodak  monochrome 


he with his sweater over a shoulder

casual in white open collared cotton 


she with away day hair tousled and fair 

a radiant smile focused on his eyes 


she has found her ever after with a 

penniless uni student of physics 


he has found his soul mate and a 

mother to a future brood of happy 


theirs was a match made in the stars

foundations of a home built to last 




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  • Doggerel Dave

    This was more than Kodak Monochrome, but more for me Eastman colour, Cassie. I was 12 ('53) on the beach at Sandown IOW when I began to observe that....wondered what the future would hold and if it hadany relevance to me.
    Good at nostalgia, aren't you.....

    • Cassie58

      Many thanks Dave. A portrait in words of my mum and dad. Thank you for seeing it in colour. Pleased you like nostalgia. I like reflecting on people no longer here. It keeps them close. Have a great day.

      • Doggerel Dave

        Cassie - you just bring back memories.....

      • 2781


      • Tony36

        Really enjoyed reading it

        • Cassie58

          Thank you so much Tony36

          • Tony36

            You're welcome

          • Accidental Poet

            That rearview mirror never disappoints Cassie. πŸŒΉπŸ‘

            • Cassie58

              You are too kind AP. Plenty more in the archives. Thank you for your lovely review. Have a great day.

              • Accidental Poet

                Bring them on Cassie. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

              • Bella Shepard

                The wonders of old black and white photos, there's nothing like them to stir memories or imagination. I have a photo album full of them that belonged to my mother. It's a nostalgic journey like no other. Thank you for this lovely peek at a past that turned into a wonderful future. Beautifully written, thank you !

                • Cassie58

                  Your review is heart warming Bella. Thank you so much. Those albums are so precious aren’t they? The poems keep them close. Have a great day.

                • Thomas W Case

                  Just beautiful. You create a mood and picture so well here.

                  • Cassie58

                    I appreciate you Thomas. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Wonderful nostalgic thoughts like these often come to mind when seeing an old photograph Casie.


                    • Cassie58

                      Thank you Andy. Old photographs keep departed loved ones close. I have written quite a few poems from photos. Lots in the archives. Happy Sunday.

                    • orchidee

                      A fine write Cassie.
                      I was reading of a spiritual revival in the Hebrides in '49. An amazing things - houses seem to literally glow with God's glory, as some observed.
                      I suppose I was there in person if I say I'm millions of years old. lol.

                    • Cassie58

                      It seems that 1949 was a good all round year Orchi. Many thanks for enjoying my nostalgia. A portrait of my mum and dad.
                      Have a happy Sunday.

                    • Thad Wilk

                      A stunning nostalgic
                      poem, inviting and
                      so eloquently
                      expressed poetess!
                      My pleasure to read!!
                      Best wishes 🌹. Thad

                      • Cassie58

                        Thank you so much for your lovely review. I appreciate your thoughts.

                      • Tom Dylan

                        A lovely poem, Cassie. You really captured something there. Nicely done.

                        • Cassie58

                          Many thanks Tom. Pleased you enjoyed my poem. I appreciate your thoughts.

                        • jim56

                          another brill poem
                          brings back memories
                          of my younger days
                          you are a talented writer

                          • Cassie58

                            Thank you Jim. This poem was about my mum and dad. Pleased you enjoyed reading it. Inspired from a lovely photograph.

                            • jim56

                              it is a lovely poem to write about your parents
                              they would be proud of you and your talent xx
                              loved reading it

                              • Cassie58

                                Thank you.

                                • jim56

                                  your worth it xx

                                • sorenbarrett

                                  The image of snap shots plays out in the snap shot lines of this poem. Black and white not only the photos but the letters on the page. A black and white image painted of past and present and have and have not. Money or none, happy or not. Very nicely presented here.

                                  • Cassie58

                                    Thank you so much sorenbarrett. An old photograph of my mum and dad. I appreciate your thoughts.

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