Forget Me Not



I was asked by a child

just eleven grand years himself

if we were actually all

born with Alzheimer's?

and whilst reflecting on his question

my mind went into the most
profound depths of reflection

I had to ask him, simply out of my own curiosity

why he would ever ask such a question?

he replied…

because he doesn't remember

any of the first five years
of his own life

and whilst I stood reflecting

on his incredibly

innocent answer

I couldn't help but reflect

the fact

this child is a genius.

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  • MendedFences27

    A lot of wisdom here. A poem that shows the innocent wisdom of a child
    and also the wisdom of your own recognition. It's also sad that there is no answer to the child's question, not yet . Perhaps in the future. when we comprehend all the workings of a brain, we'll be able to answer it. A lovely poem. - Phil A.

    • Teddy.15

      Dear Phil, thank you so much for your truly kind words. Research is an incredibly powerful tool, everyday there is a new breakthrough. 🌹

    • GenXer Shamrocker ☘️

      The pure innocence of a child.

      • Teddy.15

        Indeed, the pure innocence of a child blows me away. Thank you dear GenXer Shamrocker, so very kind of you to come by and say. 🌹

      • Goldfinch60

        An intriguing write Teddy, such a wise child.
        if you answered him can you please also let me know what happened to the first 74 years of my life. 🤣🌹


        • Teddy.15

          lol awe 🫢 🌹

        • aDarkerMind

          the innocence of a child.

          beautifully written Teddy.

          • Teddy.15

            Thank you so much dearest Melvin indeed the innocence of a child is truly purety 🌹

          • sorenbarrett

            The innocence of a child and the honesty to say what things are in their eyes is what leads to the genius of learning. We do forget as we grow old and what I think is the greatest shame is we forget how to be a child.

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