I can feel my heart racing

as you put your lips to

my neck.

The world turns hazy.

Oh, baby do you ever

drive me crazy.

My hips sway to the music

in your voice.

I would leave now, but it's

no longer a choice.

Your a magnet and I'm

so attracked to you.

And most everything you do.

You have that spark that makes

me wanna start everyday with you.

I miss you so much.

A fiene with no apethmiens.

You drive me insane when

you say nothing. I know,

I am entierly too trusting.

I can't help it when you

look at me, so deep in lust

sometimes it's just not enough.

I fall under your spell,

Sweet. as you hold me tightly.

and I think just maybe, you

could be something.

I used to feel nothing.

You gave me sunshine to

hold in my hand.

This music, it feels as

if your a band in my head.

Repetitive, and oh so comforting.

So kiss me one more time.

It's so bright, I need to see some

stars tonight. As you leave,

I feel my heart beat for you,

as I start to relieze...

you make me come unglued.


  • Kri2arch

    Its great dear,keep it up

  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    Go on...
    stage its up for you!!!
    good reading you

  • nair36

    hypnotizing. this poem is beyond words. good job!

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