I remember your love,
all through my life.
Always there when I
needed. Always to give
me guidance, when I needed.
And watch me fall, when I
didn't ask for it. Always there
to pick me back up and piece
me back together.
You taught me that not every
boy meant what he said.
Only true men tell you the love you
and mean it. You taught me about
love and who's is real and others
who are fake. You would let me be
the judge of their character, knowing
I chose wrong.
You never said a word, you just
held my hand when I cried and told
you all about it.
You knew that these were the lessons
that were going to effect my life the most
but you still agreed with me, when I said
I would never heal from this broken heart.
You told me to follow my heart, but
never follow someone else.
To stand out, and be myself.
You taught me patience, when
I know I wore yours thin.
You taught me home is not
where you live, it's where
you find security.
You taught me to hold back
twenty dollars, just in case
someone needed it.
You told me to never get married
for money. Always out of love.
To raise my children with respect
and honor for those who are elderly.
You taught me to believe in love,
that anything is possible.
You taught me how to be a good person,
when I just want to be hateful.
You also taught me what it was like
to live, it's never easy, or never fair.
But it is filled with laughter and love
if you let it.
You taught me that it's okay to cry
when your heart is broken,
as long as you pick yourself up
in the end. and get on with your life.
You taught me that somedays all
the strength you need is to get out of bed.
You taught me that milk is never a
substitute for cream.
and to use tablespoons instead of teaspoons
for butter and sugar.
You taught me how to be me,
when all I ever wanted was to be
like you.
A phone call from you always makes my day better.
But when I get one of your hugs, it makes my world better.
You are the most wonderful person I have ever gotten a chance
to know. To share your name is just a bonus. I love you so very
much. And I couldn't have asked for a better grandmother.


  • Kri2arch

    I just love the words used...u r realy great

  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    You really show your heart...
    give us more..

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