Huzaidi Hashim

Paint a happiness


Happiness is a painting

… on our wall of life.

While memories are the colors

… we collect along our way

Some we chose to remember

… while some we chose to forget.

To paint a beautiful painting

… with colors of the sun

We must use our happy memories

… filled with happiness and fun

We can build a happy life

… by creating colors of our own

By painting on broad white canvas

… with memories that we’ve sown



  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    I knew it..... you got good stuff.....
    keep on budy.......

    • Huzaidi Hashim

      Thank you again for your endless support. To be honest, knowing that someone does read my work (which is somewhat spontaneaous) has initiated within me a flow of inspiration to write even more. Thank you again!

      • Jorge G Sifuentes

        Don't let go that inspiration.. write more and more, this way you will get to perefection....
        nice to hear fron you..

      • Kri2arch

        Thats very true, am inspired through ur poem.tanx

      • lulu

        coool man be possative all the time loved ur poem so much
        cheeeeeeeeeers :D

      • Love4all

        Very good!

      • Dolphine29

        It has made me smile, but also gave me a deep thought. We do paint our own picture to reflect how we feel deep inside in our lives and to be able to enjoy. But while is so true, we can choose the colors; we need to see the different colors, all of them in order to have a true piece … a whole. Well that is my humble opinion.
        Either way I really liked your poem :)

        • Huzaidi Hashim

          That is certainly very true! The best happiness should be in reality and not just a figment of one's chosen fantasy!

        • Paul Price

          Very nice, its always good to read happy poems. I like it...

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