I have learnt to love

Though I was not born into love

I have learned to be generous

Though it hurts to give

I have learnt to loose

Though it scares me to be last

I have learnt to forgive

Though it hurts to let go

 I have learnt to love God

Though its painful  not to be in the world

I have learnt to speak my mind

Though others may misinterpret

I have learnt to hold my head high

Though everyone bows the head

I have learnt to be strong

Though I can’t hold on any longer

I have learnt

And I really learnt the bitter way

Though am proud I finally learnt

What makes you who you are


  • bernard franklin

    Very, very good Barbra, I really enjoyed this poem! You have a special way with words for someone so young. A poem full of pathos and poignancy, it also has good structure and meaning. BF

  • barbara

    Thanx,i really love to write and i wish i could pursue it higher though

  • Kri2arch

    Keep the good work up

  • barbara


  • nikhilps

    nice work! keep on writing!!

  • barbara


  • Huzaidi Hashim

    This one beats the rest ... and since I've rated the others as 10, I guess I can't really express a higher rating, but if I could I would give it a 20

  • barbara

    awwwwwwwwwwww fhnx.......sssssssso much

  • Hoween94

    brilliant piece, so well written. love it

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