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  • Bokononsense

    Hello there!

    Had a little nosey at your profile after enjoying "Alas, Love..." so much and couldn't help but notice the books you're reading.

    I absolutely recommend "Records of Shelley, Byron and the Author" by Edward John Trelawny. It's an account of Trelawny's time in the close circle of the two poets from their time in exile in Italy, through Shelley's death, to Byron's death in Misolonghi and Trelawny's part in the Greek war for independence from the Ottoman empire. If you can get passed the author's hero-worship of the two poets and his own self-aggrandisement, it's a really intriguing look at the personalities of Byron, and to a greater extent, Shelley.

    Anyway, sorry for the unsolicited diatribe- happy trails!

      • Cheeky Missy

        Oh, Hi! And, WELCOME to P&P!

        Thank you for the recommendation. I shall try to see about finding the book and glancing at it, soon, I hope. I appreciate your unsolicited suggestion and flavour of the book. I was reading the others a year ago, online, and have left off. I guess I should go to the library and see if I can find all of them. Any, thanks again very much! Glad to meet you.

      • hollyrice

        Thanks for repling

        • hollyrice

          hi be my friend

          • hollyrice

            how do you get friendships? i only just joined a few days ago

            • hollyrice

              hi cheeky missy

              • Pratikshya

                hi...Happy new year in advance..!...

                  • Cheeky Missy

                    Thanks, hope it goes well for you!!!

                  • Anna

                    On my page, it said that you're celebrating your birthday on the 27th of November, so I just wanted to wish a late Happy Birthday!

                      • Cheeky Missy

                        Thank you very much! Belated greetings are my forte (very seriously) so it is amusing to receive late birthday greetings! Thanks again!

                      • ironmaiden_81186

                        i m absolutely in love with your writing....

                          • Cheeky Missy

                            Wow. Thanks, that's really friendly of you....thanks alot.

                          • Kri2arch

                            Hay, i love your poems. U are a great poet

                              • Cheeky Missy

                                Thank you very much for that vote of confidence! Actually, I dunno about being a poet....I'd like that though. Thanks again!

                              • Cheeky Missy

                                Hey world that couldn't care two brother was here for a look see, oh too sweet. He loves me.
                                Yeah, and like, what am I doing here....commenting without a fear....just so naive and carelessly....I don't fit in at all....La

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