I believed in you.

these words are all crushed up in my head and my heart.
I think about you all the time.
I think about every single moment we spent together.
I replay it over and over in my head.
trying to figure out where I went wrong.
I fell in love with you, as you swore
you would never hurt me.
I believed every lie that came out
of your mouth.
I gave you my heart,
as broken and fragile as it was
your promised me
it was safe in your hands.
I believed you.
I gave you,
my heart, and then
I saw a future with you.
a loving home.
A father who would stick around,
and never hurt his children
Like my daddy never did.
A mother who would live, breathe and die
to keep her family happy.
Like my momma always will be. 
I saw the minivan,
the soccer mom uniform.
and I saw you, and I
so perfect together.
I never thought you would
see someone else
when all I see is you.
You told me to trust you,
that you were not like
the others.
You made me believe in you.
I would do it all over,
I would go through the pain
just to have you
for that brief moment in time
I was delusionaly happy with
you. I was comfortable.
I wasn't scared at all.
The passion was there.
I felt it, and I know
you'd lie and say
you didn't.
The world shifted,
and the sun shone brighter.
I know you felt it.
How do you let go of someone,
who never held on?
I'm starting to get dolorous
from flashbacks.
Ninety eight degree
weather and you still
gave me goose bumps
when you kissed me.
damn you for making me
this way.
I will never love again,
not the way I loved you.



  • bernard franklin

    Deeply sad and poignant poetry. But it helps to get the grief down on paper and to share it with others will make the pain reseed faster. Keep writing Bree! BF

  • Lifewellspoken

    After readng your poem I believe in you. Thanks nice words well wretten.

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