Dr.Sandhya Tiwari


Today at once I feel miserable

A pain a feeling terrible

Lost I am I feel

Nothing bright appeals

Surrounded with thoughts all glum

Externally though appear mum

A turbulent storm within

Even to write short sentences I frown

Careful and cautious not to appear clown


I want to escape from the world

Be one with the thin air

Where nothing uncanny everything fair

Hurt to look at people with masks on

Full blown there careers grown

Is it my folly innocent I’m born?

Between the guile and deceit soul torn

Silent my senses lay numb

As if intoxicated and aplomb


Who has courage to knock the inner fortress that surround?

Longing for expression, emotions and feelings lay abound.

Heart is filled with fear

Will the human race get filled and flooded?

Once my expressions and thoughts are unloaded

Why am I born with a mind so observant?

Without that at least I would have had peace

Endorsing to the world sometimes ignorance is bliss

Parting smart friends and hugging naives planting a kiss


Once stoic and resilient

Never people dared to comment

Prepared for verbal duel one or two

Strong as a child I grew

Spirit weakened in weeks

Mind dud thoughts speaks

Why did it happen?

Memory taps and scraps the soul

Weak inner fortress the soul creases and crumples.


  • jvl narasimha rao

    Dear Mrs sandhya, I am JVL NARASIMHA RAO From India.You have portrayed the uncertainty,unhappiness and impermanance of our life on this earth.You seem seem to be an Indian and a great poetess.I would like to emulate your poetry as Iam an immatured poet.I have rated your poem with 10 points.I hope you will read my poems ,make your comments and rate them too.
    yours sincerely,

  • Dr.Sandhya Tiwari

    thank you Dear sir. i enjoyed reading your comment. I shall read your poems too.......indeed i'm honored by your invitation.

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