I forgot,

I forgot , 
how it feels to be around you , 
how it feels for you to smile ,
because of me , 
how your voice whispers to me ,
or how your laugh sounds , 

I forgot , 
how strong you are , 
when you can scoop me into your arms , 

I forgot , 
how you can soo easily make me laugh , 

All i did was forget, 
but after tonight , 
i realized , 
That , 

I forgot , 
how much i need youu .


  • nair36

    i don't "forget" how ur such a great poet 🙂

    • kelseyroy

      Thankss 🙂

    • barbara


    • Lifewellspoken

      To forget how important you are to me would be a shame.
      To forget how you make me feel would be tragic.
      To forget so many times you held me would be a mistake.
      I once forgot how your kisses touched my heart.
      Important, feelings, holding me, kissing me...all that I will always remember.

      Your poem "I forgot" is amazing, and well said. Thanks for the smile and Kelsey...I will always remember and never forget.

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