I feel the blood
the pain
my tears
sometimes you never get what you want,
but in the end will you get what you need?
Is it justice to feed of other people's pain?
something you may have caused.
Try for just one moment,
to make them hate you as much as you hate yourself?
I wonder if they cry as I do,
Sit in silence and suffer alone.
Play sad songs and ponder what went wrong.
Inebriate yourself into oblivion and pray tomorrow never comes
It's like a vicious cycle,that is never ending.
everyday i wait for that time.
the time when i feel the most unglued,
the most insecure,
No one is to judge if I let my emotions show.
Sometimes, it is so hard to keep a glass face.
Every failure is just one more tiny crack,
how many more until I shatter?
Who is going to be around to pick me up?
when I'm stuck in a dark hole.
no sounds.
no comfort
no relief.
pure cold concrete
to imprison one's soul.
it's not time that worries me.
how will you remember me,
if I'm not around?
for someone who does not feel much,
how can this hurt so bad?
out of all the bad nights I've had.
life changing nights.
I would change just that one.
Rewind and remember everything I have
learned to this day.
Sometimes you will have to walk through the rain
to get sunshine.
Saying I'm sorry, means more than two words.
mean them with everything in your heart.
Don't let a stranger break your heart.
and most of all.
Laugh when you want to cry.
But sometimes you need to cry with
your best friend to keep your soul sober.
be half hippie half redneck
and never look back.
Forgive easier than you forget.
Blood does not always mean you are family.
Fight fire with fire and you'll just get a bigger fire.
and a lifetime in prison.
Drive fast, but pay attention.
Listen to music as loud as you can
because you may never hear that song again.
and live your life to the fullest.
If you have at least one person at your
death bed, you did something right.
Go to jail At least once, so you know
what freedom is really like.
and if you go four or five times,
that's okay too. As long as you learn.



  • nair36

    I love it... i like the "face of glass" you used how it to wonder how much longer till you cracked... good luck 2 u in jail. i never went but i went to a lockdown facility in florida for 8 months. it wasn't the best place 2 be but i learned things and like u said how u understand what freedom really is. Good luck.

  • Lifewellspoken

    That's a rocking poem, I'm interested to know if this is how you see life? It would be hard to imbrace such a place, time and event.
    keep up the great writing.

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