Vile Voices

I hear these vile voices in my head

They take my smile, they want me dead

Things about them that I just can’t explain

They feel my fear, they poison my pain

They make it hard to hold my head high

People tell me look to God but all I see is the sky

Time’s passing right by and I don’t even know it

All I have left now are lonely words of a poet


I see things that no one else can see

I’m in my own world to another degree

Take my damaged soul and rip it in two

Give them thee other half so I can make this through

Talk to me but don’t be concerned if I cry

I’m the only one here and yet I want to die

I can feel things that you cannot feel

You’re in your world and I wonder what’s real


I’m trying! I’m dying!

I hope one day I will finally stop crying


Sane as can be people and I am the cull

I’m trying not to put a bullet in my skull

They’re a famished dog and I feed them fear

One tells me things are not as they appear

I have an angel in my head that knows my strife

But why would he want me to take my life

Demons and devils hold my soul

They hold it tight, they want control
But I won’t give them their satisfactions

Of dividing my actions into fractions

Sometimes I stop and wonder

When I will be six feet under

I’ll be six feet deep but the voices will follow

Living for eternity in what’s already hollow

And I’m wallowing in my own pride

I’m scared as hell, I’m petrified

Another commands orders I don’t want to make

When I refuse he gets louder and makes me shake

I’m talking to walls that don’t talk back

I’m walking on ice with a colossal crack

I think about things I bet no one else does

Remnants of memories that I once was

I’m told to hurt but I hurt myself instead

I hope all of this is just in my head


Look me in my eyes and feel this pain

I’ve got screams and sorrow in my brain

Oil boiling in and out my veins

Voices tying me down in choking chains

I’m out here burning in the rain

Getting use to being called insane

I wonder about the last thing that remains

Before I blow everything out my brittle brains


It’s tough! It’s rough!

But I wonder when all of this will be enough!


  • ChyChyBaby

    Your write beautifully.

    • nair36

      thanx 🙂

      • ChyChyBaby

        No prob 😀
        Ha. I dont understadnt this site, like i tried outting pics on but it wont let me.

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