This is life :(

6th of sep was my 1st day at school

 I wasn't really happy but was trying to be cool

 I went there like a stranger And I didn't know what to do

 I was lost without my friends And I didnot have any clue

 Then I knew some girls who were mean

 I didnot care about them but u should have seen

 I hope that time can takes me back So I can meet my friends with an eye contact

 And tell that I'll always remember them For best & worst I'll never 4get them

 I don't want to have more friends Coz I don't want to have another end

 Of good friendships I don't want to loose

 My friends far away what shall I do. ?!!!

This is life,isn't that true?!!!!!


  • nair36

    YOur a great poet Lulu,
    I can feel your poem. This one is very deep. I like it... sad but good. I'm sorry if you are having trouble in school. My advise is tokeep your head up. You're a great person. Don't forget it. :)

    • lulu

      Well thanks rob for saying that :) and I thank god that I have friends beside me ..and u r one of them .. & I will keep my head up coz I know that I have the best friends ever :) :D
      So anything new about school ?!! :)

    • Cheeky Missy

      It is so cute how you express it, almost amusing, and yet your miserably alone situation sobers it to a deep sorrow. You express a mature attitude in realizing living involves losses where it most hurts us....and the conclusion to never be close again to avoid such grief is not uncommon, but wouldn't it be better to hurt and suffer the loss than be alone and hard? Despite its deep sadness, you've got a cuteness/sweetness that made it too enjoyable to read.

      • lulu

        Thank you Cheeky Missy for ur comment and i may share ur opinion of suffering the loss is better that being lonely :/ however this is life what can we do ?!!!!

        • Cheeky Missy

          On the one hand, we can just shrug because you make the excellent point that it is out of our hands to alter; on the other hand, I suppose we might seek the Lord and find solace in Him, eh?

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