:Sit, Wait:

I stive for so much, your love, even our touch.

Your evil, your cruel, you think you make all the rules.

You stike me, you leave me, i remember once you even beat me.

Yet i want you so bad. Why cant we be?

Id give you the world, Along with every part of me.

Just let me in, stop pushig away.

I know you want me, and maybe somday, you'll finally let me in.

Drop the worry, stop the games.

And when that day comes,

Ill cause you no pain,

I love you my dear, I hope you see, that our love is great and someday we will be.



  • nair36

    It's hard not getting to be with somebody that you really want to be with. I can understand that. I hope things work themselves out.
    Perfect 10.

  • jvl narasimha rao

    Dear Chy chy baby,When you love any body so much, he/SHE will inevitably BE yours.A nice poem.I have rated your poem with a 10 like nair 36.Well keep it up!

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