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The wall of ChyChyBaby2

  • Fate

    Hurry with the stretcher here
    Calls out a voice so full of fear 
    There's only one here with no pulse 
    Replies another with his results 
    Who is the one who lies here cold
    Who his own life he could not hold 
    This man that lies beneath this sheet
    The one they gathered from the street 
    I reach to touch the cold mans face 
    This isn't right 
    It's out of place 
    It feels so strange to look at him
    As I feel my face grow grim
    Who was this man 
    A voice demands 
    Holding papers in his hands
    A wary soul who worked too much
    And lonely too 
    I figured such
    As they load him up inside 
    I feel the need to run and hide 
    So who was this man here wedded to
    This young lady claimed she knew 
    Yes this man was once my own
    But to this day I haven't known 
    Tears from my eyes now fall like rain 
    As deep inside I feel her pain
    Why though is that 
    Is this fact so
    As they ready him to go
    I hold his hand and read his name
    And the cause of death to blame
    The cause of death as stated here
    It seems the crash had thrown him clear
    But the name I saw did not make since 
    Or jotted down in false pretense 
    This can't be right I scream and shout 
    As I try to figure out 
    This can't be true as I exclaim
    On this man you've wrote my name
    I pulled the sheet to face my fear 
    Oh dear God 
    It's me in here

    Can't publish but one a day but gotta tell someone
    Thanks for being someone.

    • Julian Yanover

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