:Control, Not my Own:

Have no right to make my own choices,

Always have to listen to the voices.

Screaming, yelling telling me no.

But i dont care this is not my home.

Imprisoned, thats how i feel.

Cant wait to be free, control who i will be.

Im not a child, only in your eyes.

You must be bling, becasue im doing just fine.

I know my imits, My rules, I take care of my Responsibilities, why cant you?

You give me no freedom, no space, no air.

You live my life for me, just one big story.

I want to be free, Make mistakes,

Just find.. me.

Give me some freedom, some control of my life.

Your not my keeper, my guardian,

I have my own life.,

Im growing up, not to quick.

Let me go,

Im not a kid..


  • nair36

    This one sounds deeper than usual. But still it is great. 10 :)

  • ChyChyBaby

    YEah, its more about me and my own voice.
    Semi god, i dono how to explain it really.
    But thank you dear(:

  • Fate

    Great work
    A lot of passion felt

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