:You are Me:

Fuck you, and the things you do.

You dont know me, or what i stand for.

You judge the way i look, my hair, clothes, even my shoes.

Its rediculious and you know it, your insicure, believe me you show it.

You hate that im better than you, and everybody knows it.

Im better becuase i dont judge what you do, the way you look, or act.

I dont walk around thinking im better than everyone,

Im proud of who i am, thats the difference between you and I.

Your insicure, all you wanna do is cry.

Ive been through alot, enought to know right from wrong.

I dont go through life naming the shit that goes wrong,

So this ones for you, the other side of me.

You need to grow up and stop trying to be someone your not.

We are the same, in so many ways.

Your just not sure how to change.

You stare at me in the mirror, i know what your thinking.

Your simply weak, you tear me down hoping to help yourself. It never does just makes it worse.

Becuase you are me, and i am you.

I want to me, without you.

That wont happen, we will always be together.

This is my reminder to you,

That you may never leave, but either will I.

Just a constant battle between you and I.

I wish i knew who to be,

You or me?

Either way id feel the same, so it dont matter.

I shouldnt hold this shame..




  • nair36


  • Vember-Reigh

    amazing poem , very strong . :)

  • ChyChyBaby

    Thank you both(:

  • BabiiGurl13

    Your an amazing writing! Keep up the good work..

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