Drunken Nights

Your drunken nights , 
can be fun , 
but usually end up in a fight ,
thats okay though , 
I'll just turn up my music , 
and cry myself to sleep.

my music ,
screaming into my ear , 
cant drowned , 
your sounds , 
your being rude to her,
but i cant walk out there to stop you,
because i know it would only make it worse ,
so i clutch my pillow closer , 
to muffle my loud sobs , 

everything goes silent ,
and you guys are done ,
after a hour or so ,
i finally start to drift to sleep,
then i hear moans and groans, 
from numerous orgasms , 
I wonder if they realize , 
there own daughter is still upstairs, 

I look a the time ,
its nearly 6 a.m ,
12 more hours ,
and we will do it again ...


  • Vember-Reigh

    HEEHEH cute 🙂 just like you love ya sis

    • kelseyroy

      justa lil question, how is this cute..

      • Vember-Reigh

        sorry that was not me , ! lmao a friend that was beside me .

      • Cheeky Missy

        Your picture especially with what follows is so sweet....the poem is such a helpless plea of pain, with no deliverance in sight. It is so sorrowful.

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