sarange Ondieki


Star that shines in the dark

Lighting that desolate corner

Smearing  it with sweet permanent mark

Bringing happiness to a once mourner.

But the star keeps ascending

up up up to the sky.



If only i"d get a way,

Of holding it in my hand,

Who? but God may,

Help me tie a band,

Around its handsome body,

And lower it

down down down to the ground.



My sweet litle star,

Why dont you keep low?

Your loftness gives my mind a stir

And make my heart sore

As i strain to bring you nearer

so painful. sweet sweet pain.



Little star, no matter how far you may be,

but just one promise

would you work  hard as a bee

And find your way back?No compromise.

Little star,mine you are,



  • mikeal

    nice work bravo

  • sarange Ondieki

    thanks 4 ua inspiration

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