Draped in darkness

Enticed by a dream of mirrors,

Drawn into the day of darkness,

As White light perishes into a sea of confusion.        

my soul is buried deep,

deep under a stack of emotions,

sweep away this bed of nails lying underneath me,

everything shimmers and yet its so dark,

inflate your heart of desire,

kill the fear, kill it willingly.

flawed assumption creating a havoc,

as I glide through space time,

drenched in the moonlight that you’re bleeding.

adulthood is looking down upon you,

clear these clouds of fear,

you’re the reason I am here,

look me in the eye, I’m free,

so are you.

bleed for the devil of love,

abandon yourself and grab your fate,

don’t thrust me into this hour of dismay,

my spirit is hindered,

and the sound of sadness is real,

i hear it now.



  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting.....the symbolism you used is fascinating. "Love" is such a passionate thing, we can so easily be crushed or crush by our longings or those of our rejected would-be lovers. In light of all that, this is a good sorrowful portrait from the rejected lover.

  • ironmaiden_81186

    hey...i don't know how it came in just one paragraph...
    its structure is pretty much the same as in the rest of the poems that i ve posted

    how to get it in that me

    neway thnx for the appreciation cheeky :)

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