What Is Life?

What is life? Is it a journey that never ends? Or is it one that never started? Is it something that hurts? Or is it something that shows love? What is life? Is it an obstacle we can overcome? Is it a free world with no laws? Is it a place where everyone is equal? Or is it a world full of war? Is it a world without poverty? Or is it a world of slavery? Is it a home with peace, love and joy? Or is it where we live twice and die one? What is life?


  • Cheeky Missy

    This existence is an interesting thing to try to describe....afterall, you are referring to what we all were born into as "life"....there is also what the Lord says, that we are all dead and He is the Life, and the life of the people He saves. But that was not what you were trying to describe/explain...but He is life.

    • Hoween94

      That is so ture.. I want to think people about life... We go through everyday complaining and not seeing what the lord is doing for us..

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