somewhere in this light ,

there's a darkness that fills this place.

somewhere in this pleasure,

there's the pain that haunts thy mind.

and in between the truth,

only lies are left to find.

cause everything cannot hold,

while everyone's getting stoned.

and somewhere in this silence,

there's an echo roaming in the air

.somewhere in this disturb,

there is peace in its own way.

distracted by anger leave this place far behind.

everything'll be lost which thy cannot deny.

and nothing's left here to rely.

And somewhere in this blindness,

there's a vision that rests inside.

somewhere in the devil,

the only god has been seen.

just to fall when thy stand

to this confusing wall thy lean.

watching all this insanity burn.all of these that have come undone. 


  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting poetic look at.....I don't quite make sense of it, and can't quite agree with it either....but it is very interesting.

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