I’m scared because my world is turning really dark black,
I only have one life, not nine lives like a cat.
Sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off dead,
Someone please help me get this thought out of my head.
A lot of the time I wonder if anyone even gives a care,
So doing the unimpossible is a really big dare.
Is it worth sitting and wondering why and then start to cry?
When really all I have to do is tell my loved ones good bye.
Would things go good and fast?
Or would I forever stay in a cast?
Wonder if I’d go up to Heaven and hear the ringing of a bell,
Or maybe I’ll have to sit with Satan forever in hell.
I wish God would help me,
So this life would let me be.
Will the sky ever go back to being blue?
I would do anything for that to come true.

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