Please, Dont Leave Me..

you lay there ,
looking almost lifeless ,
i can just barely tell your breathing , 
your struggling , 
to breathe , 
to eat , 
to live ,
just barely hanging on , 

You slipped and let go of it ,
nurses rush in , 
i can't move, 
i can't speak ,
i can't cry,
i just stand ,
and watch you lay there, 
lifeless ,
you have the strength ,
i know you can pull through ,
please , i dont want you to go.
you cant ,

They bring you back ,
and for the first time ,
you open your eyes ,
and look right at me , 
I cant move ,
i stand there ,
not knowing what to do ,

Your lips move ,
but you dont make a sound , 
but i know what you want to say , 

the nurse grabs my shoulder , 
and tells me its time to go,
i kiss your forhead , 
and begin to walk out , 
but before leaving ,
i look back at you ,
laying in that hospital bed , 
and say 6 simple words , 
that mean so much ,

I love you too Uncle Rob (L)


  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow. You drew the scene very well. It is moving, and tender, sweet and sorrowful. Was that goodbye?

    • kelseyroy

      he survived .. thank god. I watched him be brought back to life.

      • Cheeky Missy

        Thanks for saying so, I am very thankful to hear it. It is a sweet piece for your love. I like it.

      • Poeticmind17

        sad , and nice

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