oh sweet, my loving mother!

how enigmatic, your tender touch,

petals on your saree sway,

just like you sway in my heart.


of umpteen miseries you have within,

of closed shackles, you frown upon;

tell me mother.


I long to see your glowing face, mother;

to touch your feet, to hold your hand,

and, induce all your sorrows upon mine,

oh mother, would you let me?


I long to see your fragrant smile, mother

I long to smell your unbound aura,

I long to feel your voice upon mine, mother..


only if i was omnipotent, I could join you for dinner tonight, mother

only if I could break this social labyrinth of distance,

only if I could....


you are my wall, and I'm your graffitti, mother

I long to see you, mother,

forever and ever more....


  • ironmaiden_81186

    thanks a lot isabella...

  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow. It is sweet....and a fascinating perspective on our relationships with our loving mothers. I am so very sorry you have to be away from yours....mine is my best friend and I get to see her daily, is as Isabella says, deep, and also bittersweet for its longing. It is so sad....I wish in vain to comfort you.

  • ironmaiden_81186

    thank you for understanding the pain...thank you so very much

  • Anna

    I'm so sorry you haven't been able to see your mum for eight months :( I hope you'll get the chance soon! Beautiful poem, by the way...!

  • mvvenkataraman

    Dear respected ironmaiden_81186,

    Your love for your mother is revealed
    Here I understand your great anxiety
    Of course, not seeing mother is tragic
    I appeal to God to show you a way

    Please find a way to meet her
    At least once in a month dear
    As mother only made us come
    We must try to go very close

    Your poem is indeed well-written
    Depicting a mother's greatness
    Thanks for this really touching one
    May the Almighty do the needful.

    With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly,


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