what i have most to be ......

Have you ever stopped and listened to the chirps of the birds and their harmonic tune ,

The soft lullaby of the wind

The outward cries of thunder

The quick sometimes silent zaps of angelic solitude we call lightning

Well i would like to say

I have a harmonic tune too

And my soft lulliby can be heard for miles

And roll of thunder hear my cries

My cries for respect, forgiveness, wanting, longing, needing, to be heard to be acknowledged and most of all to be loved ........


  • gerrylegister

    to be loved by whom ?

  • Cheeky Missy

    I enjoyed the introductory lines to your plea, and your poetic likening the sweet or fascinating well-knowns to your cries....do we recognize love when it is given? Or are we seeking something else?

  • nair36

    Sounds like you want something alot of people want and probablly crave. Your poem shows me your feelings of what you want. It's a great poem and I look forward to hearing more :)

  • poets_honor21

    thanks for all the comments and sorry i havent added any more poetry it'll be comming soon !!!!

  • Anna

    This poem is very true!

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