ashley driscoll


sleep all day

sleep all night

there's nothing eles you can really do.

It's cold outside

There's ice up high

You can't see nothing accept an angel by

your side.

by: Ashley Driscoll


  • nair36

    Great poem, not all my poems are positive but I kind of do the same thing you do when I get a hard time from people. I'm quite sure that there is an angel by your side so if I could rate this poem I'd give you a 10 because you had a purpose and a message behind your poem. Great job and keep it up.

  • Cheeky Missy

    It is fascinating, because initially you can look at it as saying nothing seriously, but looking longer, can read into it something deeper....the cold corresponds so perfectly with the hateful treatment. Your title was well chosen, the way you put it with a capital "L" lonely and therefore so "only".

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