How many times

They always told me I am strong and kind,

that's what I keep in my heart and mind,

never losing hope and faith everytime that I fall,

because I know my world spins like a ball.


But even if I know I can do it,

There always comes a time I feel to quit.


How many times do I need to do it,

yet I know sometimes I will stuck into pit,

there's a hole in my heart something was missing,

could it be you, the one that I'm finding.


Tears began to fall right down to my cheeks,

will I find the answers on what I seeks,

just like a cool wind that shivers my body,

I lost confidence and feels like a nobody.


Sometimes in life you need to lie and pretend,

Remembering how fun things are, it has to end.


How many times do I need to get hurt,

stand up and clean up myself from the dirt, 

I'm trying so hard to get what I want,

this life of mine without you was so insignificant.




  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow. You actually could create tunes for your songs?! I love to take existing songs and change the words and sing my poems that way, but I've never figured out how anyone can develop an original tune. The poem IS very sad. And so typical and the never-ending question of the hurt, when the nothing that is "you" begins to become something special because of somebody special, and then is so worthless when they leave. Excellent! Only one thing, though, it surely is not necessary to lie and pretend.

  • hany_22rosal@yahoo.com

    Thanks for your wonderful comment, I know that lying and pretending is not necessary but the truth is I sometimes do that :) lying and pretending who I am not supposed to be:(, thank you for your comments I do also like your poems their very inspiring I wish that I can write something like that.

    • Cheeky Missy

      I am nobody....so you most definitely can do so much better and more than me! I fall very far short of the mark I am beginning to see, reading poetry from centuries past, such as John Clare's delightfully sweet sonnets on the natural world....I'd like to do at least half as well as that!

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