lezyl legaspi


Sometimes you lose

Sometimes you win.

Because a simple life

is like a simple game.


Just believe in yourself

and do what is best.

Always follow your heart

but never surrender your dreams.


Sometimes you have to give up

when you should've to hold on.

For it is when you were hurt

that you can learn a lesson.


You have to feel the pain

cause life doesn't come easy.

If things were never been the same,

Yet don't say "come what may".


Because sometimes,you fall

before you fly.

Sometimes,you laugh

when you should cry.

Nothing seemed right but

sometimes,turned out fine.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Please don't be offended....but he that trusts in his own heart is a fool,....so I take issue briefly with the second stanza. But overall, ya, the advice to keep hanging in there, sometimes it prospers and sometimes not.....don't "throw in the towel" on life so easily, eh?

  • Zwinkele

    I really enjoyed this poem. Its good to see a fresh poem that has a nice rhythm but no rhymes. I felt that it flowed very well, also!

  • jerrypat

    I'm a first timer also. Nice to meet you. I liked your poem. It chased the old story of life and what to do about it about as well as most have been able to do.

    A couple of typos, but otherwise, this is a easy one to read and some pretty good advice emits from it.

  • gerrylegister

    Beautiful expression, sometimes we forget to be thankful

  • lezyl legaspi

    thanks to all who commented on my poems. i really appreciate it!

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