lezyl legaspi


i wish i could turn it all back
to make it nicer
to make it look alright
but all i have was this hand
full of regrets
and a bucket of broken promises

Stranded in the present I stand....
Uncertain which way to turn,
The future lost in a grey mist,
With not a hope to burn.
Weighted inescapably down....
Is there none lend a hand?

Or someone can just pour me some ice.
Make my feelings colder...
I'm better off this way.
Stir me 'till i drop...
Take me in and I'll give up.
I might be crazy but I've had enough...

Enough of trying where I can't succeed,
Burning in vain, freely melting,....
So stir me up and burn me out,
Just screw me once for all right now....
On second thought...maybe have some mercy?
Show me the way out of this mess.....

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