Stand back, relax and take your hands out your pockets

Stand tall, not tense and take your mind into the zone.

Use your eyes; you set your vision into focus.

Use your ears; you hear the sounds of the environment

Focus your thinking, block out any unimportant issues.

Your minds got to be free, of thoughts or ideas just being.

Simplicity of the ears, eyes, body & mind

Is the key to be free of any boundaries?

Think of nothing else except what is presently, physically & verbally presented in front of you.

Be free of constraints, be free of any obstacle

Whether physically, verbally or mentally

Your reactions will be sharp, precise, well timed & decisive.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Fascinating....your image fits nicely,....especially since it has that superhero/won't be thwarted "look." I disagree that all before us is within our ready line of vision, since the Bible speaks of the unseen as eternal in comparison to the present transient scene. But your poem and image do pair so very well. Cool. Excellently done!

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