Tryna keep my mind on the positives

The things in life that make me smile

Not worth dwelling on the negatives

Those things that bring me down

Close friend, good laughs, high hopes

Not two-faced friends, forced smiles, no goals


  • Cheeky Missy

    Ya, so you don't drown? Or break when your world crashes?....Like why fuss about what you can't, it is the same theme from your "never give up" pieces! Ha, just another angle and shorter. But I don't quite see how the image it like, really amusing? is it a movie?

  • Nexuscjt

    Lol, thanks. You need to keep telling yourself these things until you truely believe it to avoid the traps set against you. Never give up!
    The image is from the hip-hop artist Ludacris, his first album.
    The dog with the bling'd teeth makes me smile anytime I see it as well as Ludacris with his OTT afro.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Thanks so much for explaining....I appreciate hearing the poet's angle on their pieces....and thus the image is so perfect seeing it does exactly what your title says for you! I've never heard of him before. And I love the admonition to NEVER GIVE UP!

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