sharad pandey


Is it? The choices we make or our choices are making us on…..

Is it? The reasons i give you or you like listening to reasons!

Is it? The daemon you worship or a fear of a demon?

May be, the world is just straight-circle or I am tipping off!!

Is it? The world you see or it is as u like to see?

Is it? The smile on your face and sadness in your heart,

Does it makes you weak or tears you apart?

May be, we are drifting, or going to meet once again.

Why we feel like running away when we are in pain!!!!

World is a lovely place to live with its people, insane.


So many questions in the damn mind, as an answer to themselves.

So many controversies in this world, as an option to pick 

So you better make your choice,

Are you going to kill the cat or save the mice?

After all it’s the choices we make are going to make our life…..



  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting considerations.....serious. Since the "mice will play when the cat's away" and "curiosity killed the cat"...which should we be....hunted or hunter? I think while I dread the former, it is better.

    • sharad pandey

      yep after all its the "survival of the fittest"...... isn't it?

      • Cheeky Missy

        So they say, but the Word of God/Bible says He created us all, and since "survival of the fittest" is generally linked with the contradictory lie of evolution, then I do not think "survival of the fittest is true, know?

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