sharad pandey

spark of life

will you ever lose a friend that is not worth making?

have u ever thought thar u are faking?

look around this world, what its baking!

but you don't worry ,its mine,for the taking!


the story starts white,

everything seemed so right,

until it came over and bent me twice,

then they said cant you see in the open light.


i knew it was in my might, that i might, someday,

people say,"if you will,you certainly will." someday,

i am not so eager, to meet someone,

i just wish they would be fine someday


what is my life as it passes?

nothing more as a coin tosses!

you never know whats coming your way,

the truth lies beneath me, in dark, as i lay.


my life passes like a breeze,as i here, freeze;

i know i have THE ONE by my side but no one to share,

you cant say i didn't care,

oh! leave it on me people, lets light a flare.



  • Cheeky Missy

    Fascinating....very. Intriguing, for I do not quite understand address the insincerity, hope for the future because you will have it for the taking you presume, half-hope for a true lover,....but how does the truth lie beneath you?....and what do you mean by lighting a flare? And what it the "spark of life" to which you allude? I hope I am not offensive in asking, I am curious. It is a very interesting poem and I appreciated the rhyming too.

  • BabiiGurl13

    Your very good at writing poems! I exspecially like this one cuz i can kinda relate to it.. Love that you had all the rhyming in it too im not very good at getting rhymes in mine lol.. Hope you read an like any of mine an comment telling me what you think about them (:

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