“Let go u”

In dream think about your passion

Let go u with some one suggestion

Find some thing with your own creation

Let go u with some temptation

Love some one like a wonder

Let go u with amazing thunder

Life is not for looser

Let go u with chooser

Find a friend like a calisaya

Let me go with my pragya

Always ready for every position

Let me took this time first position

Dream what u wants like

Let go u with flow of lakes

Never hurt some one in his life

Let me go with your wife.



  • Cheeky Missy

    For your very first poem....and for all I suspect it is not in your mother tongue....Excellent!!!! My first "poems" are so simplistic I haven't really posted any of them...all you other beginning poets only show me up for your abilities in your starting out....Keep on writing and improving....I look forward to much more!!
    Yet, if I may ask, what do you intend by your rather startling last line? It rather sounds like an adulterous amorous request, which against all the bulk of the poem preceding it, seems not exactly are initially seeming to express such freedom and yet no man is really free to take another's wife, really. Is that what you mean? Would you explain?

    • Peggi

      When i was writing this poem i thought about that person who never respect his wife and it does't mean something bad i just said if u can't understand your wife's feeling than, i will take care of her not as a her husband but as a good friend........

      • Cheeky Missy

        Oh, very interesting thought...thank you very much for explaining.

      • gerrylegister

        good start to your creative writing, don't let go of the flow of inspiration

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