The Angel of Life

The angel comes and goes

Carrying the messages

And also carrying love

Not all is welcome


We dwell in an infinite

Sense of doubt, of fear

And the reason behind

Is not as strong as we see


Life is a funny thing

We think it ends

But where indeed

Is the fun in there?


The angel is sent

To show the way

As life goes on

But existence prevails


The message is clear

The journey just begins

As the circle ends

And we feel life once again.


  • gerrylegister

    I enjoy

    • Dolphine29

      Thank you!, May i ask you, What moved you from this poem?

    • Cheeky Missy

      Very interesting....and your image is so perfect. I am unfamiliar with the character you are talking well as the concept that life simply transforms itself after death, is where our beliefs clash, and I do not wish to strive at all with am trying to be careful in responding....please be patient with me....this "angel of life" carrying love and messages but not all is welcome...therein seems to lie the reason for the doubts and fears....what way does the angel show? are we certain that existence does prevail after folk are buried?....I hope I have not vexed you with my is a fascinating poem...thank you for it.

      • Dolphine29

        Hi!!! thank you so much. Please do not worry at all to tell me anything, just be yourself. Well "the angel of light" is just a perspective not a literal way to describe the so called "angels", for me the angel of light represents our real inner self, the so called inner light that we carry; sometimes we doubt ourselves sometimes we even fear what we think and feel, so we need to pay attention so we can live and enjoy who we really are.
        Hope this helps,

        • Cheeky Missy

          La, and I have been waiting anxiously for your answer....thank you very much! I shall reread and consider it again with this explanation...thanks again very much!
          Okay, having just reread it, one thought is the reminder of what the Lord says in the Bible, that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly...or somesuch. It is very interesting and intriguing to consider. A fascinating poem. Thanks again for your explanation!

        • Lonelykaren

          This is good, short but good i enjoyed it. Its true..

          • Dolphine29

            Thank you! I do like to write short poems, it's my own way to be more clear on my thoughts.

            • Dolphine29

              Thank you! I do like to write short poems, it's my own way to be more clear on my thoughts.

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