Can u define what need of a friend?

Who help u in chat and take payment

Someone always be a good friend

But some one good as be your friend

So it’s depend on u what u want as friend

One who help u or one who want cent

Friends are not only an adviser or guide

They are also our parents in our all fight

When u selects your friend keep in mind

Choose one who love you & save u from grind

Childhood friends not always a good one

So make one who stood for u like a sun

I always feel lake of friends because

Life always give u chance for decide

Can u tell me who is stand with ur badness

Give u support always in your loneliness

I have some friend who is my good friend

But some friends make me able to be ur friend

I m only not your friend I m also a new trend

So friends what u wants be a good friend

Or be a friend one who good as your friend

I m always confused that who is my best friend

But I will know when some hold my hand

Choose now someone as your friend

Because later trend will gone of legend.



  • Cheeky Missy

    Fascinating the image you began it with that "lie" is buried in "believe." Key point with friendship....there are true as well as false friends....friends in fair weather or friends in bad...."friends" who flatter versus true friends who tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not....and being a friend is the most we each can do.....I have both nor am not good enough for my best friend. There is exemplified it seems, in the Lord Jesus Christ, the truest of friends for He laid down His life for us...when we were His enemies.

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