Classroom is the full of cartoon

One by one all wants to go bathroom

In classroom there r so many benches

But all boys like to be in back-benches

In classroom some time we laugh loudly

But we said no sir I didn’t do it proudly

In classroom there r so many joker

They crack jokes like a goal in soccer

All time we discuss about girl

Some time every one wants same girl

In classroom we study some time

But it’s depend on teacher what is crime

In classroom all boys r alone

Because they can’t use there cell phone

All boys want that he has a girlfriend

So he can enjoy the new classroom’s trends

In classroom some boys r really talented

So teacher like people who r both handed

In class room when the light going to switch off

Then all animal r awake and hooting like wolfs

Some time teacher punished some one

Girls like to be punished if teacher is handsome

In classroom you can share your felling

Then all makes laugh because u r falling

In classroom u have expectation with some one

But if she broke your heart always try again

In class room we cracks so much jokes

This makes us happy and gives hopes

In many time so many student want to go out

Because in every class same lecture and shout

In class so many fall in love with someone

But they don’t know that it happen with everyone

In classroom every one know each other

So enjoy your class because u remember it forever.




  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow! Excellent!!!! I LOVE this one! Oh, this is an absolute favourite of mine! You drew the classroom picture so fully and so delightfully....hitting all the amusing angles and so very realistically.....what an excellent tribute to the classroom and school! Impressive, delightful....wonderful! Thanks for this one!

  • Peggi

    thanks for your comment .................

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