Cheeky Missy


Alone in the darkness of life I now mope
Bereft of companions in my corner I grope
For some semblance of hope and a reason to live
Since misery doesn't kill me I contemplate this....
What does "not lonely" feel like, do you know?
In a crowd of the happy I still am alone;
Ev'ry friend that I cling to, swift casts me off....
If love does exist in this life I must scoff:
For though many protest that they love, why's it thus?
If they are not lying,...pray, where is their love?
Or is there another to whom I must cling?
The One Who us promised that He'll never leave?
In that case perhaps I am not so alone,
In Him I might find I belong and have hope.


  • sarange Ondieki

    Wonderful creativity.i envy u cheeky.up up we go!

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