no hope

i stand alone in the dark
can’t help but make a mark
no one to help me
no one to save me
an endless night mare
holding a bloody teddy bear
black walls
crumbled up paper balls
why bother putting up a fight
there's no winning tonight
look around at the empty spaces
all i see are blank faces
the light inside me has died
can't bring it back if i tried
i yell for help but no one hears
might as well down a couple of beers
fuck it couldn't hurt
im already burnt
trying not to go insane
before i cut my veins
tell me why
i sit here and cry



  • Cheeky Missy

    If it is merely a poem....excellent! The title is so fitting for the hopelessness the poem so perfectly depicts. If it is reality...again, not to answer lightly, that is what the Lord says of all of us before He saves us...."having no hope and without God in the world..." In Him alone do we find Hope and life to face the misery and hopelessness driving on towards death. I wish I could comfort the speaker.

  • boricuamami222

    @ cheeky missy thank you

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