So cold

Why can’t I be bold

Nothing but heart ache

Can’t I ever catch a break

This darkness consumes me

Help before it takes me

Trying not to let it break me

The light is trying to escape me

To late it’s already gone

It’s about dawn

Every time I open my eyes

I continue to cry

Rivers of tears

Trying to vanquish all my fears

 Nothing works

So much for perks

All the warmth has disappeared

Over all these years

My skin is brittle

can’t help but fiddle

The blood is drained from my body

Can you help me anybody

Must retreat

Im totally beat

Must find a way

To stop this decay

But im all out of time

It’s such a crime






  • Cheeky Missy

    It is VERY sad.....horribly so. You excellently depicted the miserable condition with your metaphors/symbolism. Perfect.....excellent! Dreadfully a forlorn cry from a forsaken dark corner of the the rats close in.....make me shiver!

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