Life At Last..

Life at last ,
can pass so fast, 
dreams may change ,
feelings may be exchanged , 
desicitions become harder , 
but nothing remains the same.

People leave your life ,
some get up without a word ,
and just walk away , 
some make a huge scar ,
that will forever stay ,
then they just walk away , 

Your face ,
i see less and less ,
Your voice , 
i barely remember, 
Your smile , your laugh,
did you even have one ?

Life at last ,
can pass so fast ,
but i just wanna stay in place, 
so i dont forget your memorable face..


  • Cheeky Missy

    Beautiful. I love how you expressed it. You built up to it with your assessment on life and relationships, their damaging effects, then brought it to the theme, and wove it together in the conclusion...very nicely done. I enjoyed it, for all it is so sorrowful, you wrote it well.

    • kelseyroy

      Thank youu. Its always nice to hear i have done a good job.. i get a lil scared sometimes.. :$

    • Vember-Reigh

      What was your inspirations for this piece ?

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