puddle of blood

Blood is dripping everywhere

At this point I don’t even care

Wishing I could run away

Bet no one would beg me to stay

Got all these cuts on my arm

Don’t care that im causing myself harm

Sitting in a pool of blood

Just hit my head ….thud

 Now the room is starting to spin all around

And im on the ground

Wondering how much longer I have to live

Not like I had much to give




  • Cheeky Missy

    You've expressed the depressed mentality very well in this imaginary depiction. Interestingly, when we are sucking our thumbs like this, selfishly feeling unloved and justified, we are generally proved right as your line so well says, that nobody begs us to stay; and if dying were so easy, how many of us would still be here? I rather think it is our pride thus destroying us, demanding we be honored more than we are or should be....preferring total self-destruction to the truth. You excellently depicted the situation!

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