Bored out of my mind

I should find

Something to do

Cause I’m stuck like glue

Nowhere to go

Feeling kinda low

Maybe I should smoke a bowl

So I can be like whoaa

Catalyst feeling inside my brain

Getting rid of all my pain

I’m so numb

Looking like a bum

I know smoking isn’t good for me

Fuck, just let me be

I don’t want to be miserable

This bud is oh so irresistible

Im on this roller coaster

That’s bringing me closer

To euphoria like no other

Fuck I miss my lover

Wanting his hands all over me

Why oh why god cant this be

I yearn for him

I want to be with him








  • Cheeky Missy

    Fascinating...and unappetizingly, yet aptly, vulgar. I like how you so very well depicted the situation again. It is a rotten scene....yet a true picture, I rather think Your categorization of it was fitting, I think.

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