The Crow


Flying around as uninvited company,

stealing other's hard made luxury.

A black shadow of someone's misery,

soaring through the plains of negativity,

in a stuffed man's humble insanity.

Got away with his activity,

trampling his own dignity.

Mirrored a hundred times infinity,

torturing the Watcher's idiocy.

It's an evil figure filled with treachery.

Stealing corn with foul democracy.

A crow showing his true identity.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Oh, dear, wish I could edit my comment...I do NOT wish to be identified with that creature. Fascinating perspective on crows, which really seems too true. Thanks for this expose of the thieves. I quite enjoy your rhyming and rythm and how you expressed it.

    • Zojinjo

      Thanks so much for taking time to comment on my poems, I'm glad you like them!


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