Their Lifes together.

  An endless battle of frustration,

showing one side's domination,

in a war of brutal annihilation.

Making thievery your invitation,

for the fields of decimation.


Rising from damnation,

ending their “Conversation”,

by hallowed narration,

and a feast of celebration.


And so ends their idle relation,

in one last confrontation.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Ya, and it follows too. I love your "author's comment...."! I agree it is not as good as the other two, but it is still quite good, and you can do one of three things: edit it eventually because you can't bear to leave it, edit it because a reader/s suggested it, or shrug your shoulders and say, ah, quite good enough as is, forget further tampering. I am glad you posted it. I enjoyed it, and it follows very nicely after the first two. I like it quite well.

    • Zojinjo

      Thanks for your comment. I have decided to not edit it. Since this was the way I made it in the first place, it should have come straight out of my heart and mind, and altering it feels like a bad act against myself. Eventually, I will like it as much as my other poems :)

      • Cheeky Missy

        Or you might say that altering it will obliterate the original creation, which is something of a murder. Definitely leave as is! If you ever try reworking it as an alternate version, you may well find, as I have done, that you will cause yourself to love this original more, because the rewrite inevitably lacks something only the original has. Excellent decision, therefore.

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